Sweet Nothings


Let me tell you the story of us

An ordinary day,

A sudden exchange of expressions

I don’t want to keep it long, so here it goes

While I was in a different world

In midst of finding myself,

There, you found me

“Hey”, you said

“Hey”, I replied

I wasn’t so sure of how our conversation will go but still, I gave it a shot

We enjoyed our little chitchat

Surprisingly spontaneous

That it felt like we’ve known each other for ages

And there, the magic started

Every day became our “getting to know each other”

Every night was our heart to heart talks

Dusk turned to dawn

Without us noticing how fast our journey went on

We built dreams like constellations in the night sky

And made our endless universe

“Galaxies are lovely” I uttered

“So are you” he added

I just laughed

For I was falling deeper into his black hole.

Regardless of what could be

I let myself fall, entirely

Came were the days of thunderstorms

Leaves on the ground

Snow froze the roads

Clueless, why his heart turned cold too

His eyes refused to look at me sincerely

His hands didn’t fit to mine like it used to be

His lips tasted like one of a stranger’s

And his heart rapidly stopped beating for me

“What went wrong?” I asked myself

And I chose to keep it unsaid

I let my fear consume me

Of the truth I was about to hear

There, he slipped through my fingers

In a snap, he drifted away

And now he’s long gone

While I am still stuck in time

Barely moving on,

Constantly going back and forth


With our shared memories

That turned barely into sweet nothings




Photos taken at Baler, Aurora; Bacoor, Cavite; Siesta Key, Florida; Walt Disney World, Florida
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